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Vyati Vikas Kendra, India- Founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in 1996, is a Registered Public Charitable Trust constituted to implement and promote educational, social, developmental activities for the Art of Living in India. Vision The vision of VVKI is to realize a far reaching social transformation in India through the Art of Living Programs, and implementing a broad range of service projects to uplift and empower individuals , families and communities so that the full potential of human life can be expressed. The goal is to enable more and more people in urban as well as rural India to become stress-free and inspire these individuals to become change agents to alleviate poverty, misery and disease right up to the smallest unit of a village. Mission VVKI’s Mission is to • Aid individuals to become stress free by offering Art of Living programs that have a deep impact on all. • Make these individuals catalysts for societal change by inculcating a spirit of service. • Outline a framework for developmental work across the country that defines the range of service activities. • Empower the individual to enable transformation at larger scales. VVKI is a public charitable Trust, with registration no. 3255 of 1995, Vol IV of 95-96, registered on 28th March 1996.
I am participating in this ‘Art of Living’ program of my own interest and I take full responsibility for my participation. I release , all its organisers, teachers and assistants in this program from all damages whatsoever, and waive all rights to compensation in case of injury. I declare that I am physically and mentally fit to participate in this program. I will not teach any techniques of the program unless I have been fully personally trained by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I will keep the contents of the program and the techniques revealed to me during the program confidential.
I , Parent/Guardian, give permission to my child named to attend The Art of Living program on the following dates: . My child agrees to abide by the rules and regulations stated by , India (). I understand that any infraction may result in dismissal from the program at my expense.I release , all organizers, teachers and assistants in this program from all damages whatsoever and waive all right to compensation in case of injury. I declare that my child is physically and mentally able to participate in this program. I agree to receive information from Art of Living through various media including print and electronic media with a facility to opt out.
I understand that cannot give me any guarantee for any specific results. Nature & extent of result depends on the degree of participation during the program and regularity of practice following all take home instructions, after the program.
I , parent/guardian of know and understand that The Art of Living program is a proprietary program of . owns all intellectual prop­erty rights in this program as a whole, in the sequence of processes taught to my child as part of the program, and in all materials and practice tools (including MP3s, CDs, explanatory notes or other materials) that are provided to the child during or after the program. I, as parent of the named participating child, and observer of the program and of the processes that are a part of it, hereby undertake and promise to keep everything that I see or learn from or about the content of the program as a secret and not disclose, describe or explain all or any part of it to any third person or party. I will also encourage my child to keep the processes and techniques learnt by him/her during the program as a secret and use it only for his/her own personal development.I understand that this secrecy is important to maintain the authenticity, quality and depth of the sacred knowledge disclosed to my child. Accordingly, I whole-heartedly support this endeavour and solemnly undertake and promise to do everything in my power to respect and preserve the secrecy of the sacred knowledge and processes disclosed to my child during this program, and also to take all necessary steps to ensure that the materials (CDs, MP3s, handouts etc.) received by him/her for home practice are used only by him/her and not disclosed to any third parties. I further understand that in order to teach this program or any of the processes that form part of the program, one needs to undergo specialised training. Inaccurately delivered instructions will not lead to any benefit and will be entirely ineffective for the receiver of the instructions. I will, therefore, encourage my child to keep the processes learnt by him/her during the program, as well as any/all materials received for home practice, as a secret and not teach or share the whole or any part of it to/with any other child or person.

I , the parent/legal guardian of the child, named participating in the Art of Living program, named to publish, in printed or soft copy format, including on the internet, photographic images or video content of myself/ my child.As relevant to the photograph/ video, I also authorize the publication of any statements made by me/ my child as well as my/ his/ her name, type of school, age and city, my (parent/guardian’s) name and the name and my relationship to other subjects in the picture. I am aware that the photographic images, statements and personal details of my child/myself, may be published by the in articles or publicity materials and may be republished by them where relevant to similar services or contexts that are not offensive to the dignity of the child, myself and any other subjects in the picture.

I have been informed by the that as regards the collection and treatment of my personal data, along with the personal data of the participating minor child (where applicable) and of all the other subjects present in the photo, released by means of this authorization, those in charge of the treatment of the data will be the staff, employees or experienced volunteers of the and I will be able to exercise the rights as laid down in the Information Technology Act and to know who the people in charge of the treatment of the data are, by writing to the .

I (the parent/participant, on behalf of myself and those of my family members present during the whole or part of the Art of Living Program) FURTHER DECLARE that I will make no claim of any sort in relation to and waive any monetary benefit that may be derived from the publication of the above mentioned photos, videos, pictures, statements and materials relevant to the subject of this agreement, against the , and the associated declarations of my/the participating child’s relevant personal information, and release from any liability arising from any such publication.